Sex is good, so is God. Big Kids' Table slogan.

Faith inspired sex education and conversation.

Sometimes Christians get it wrong, but we believe talking about sex and God doesn’t have to be so

Vintage photo of man and woman kissing on brick wall. Romantic embrace.

Sound familiar?

🤔 You know Christians often save sex for marriage, but have no clue why…

😔 You feel uncomfortable and unsure exploring your sexuality because it feels ‘dirty’, taboo or even sinful…

🐝 No one has ever explained why God made sex work the way that He did…

😳 You just feel super awkward talking about sex with, like, any other human…

💬 You have no clue how to talk about God and sex with other Christians, individuals of the LGBTQIA+ community, and/or those who are unmarried and sexually active…

😬 You’ve been asked questions about God and sex and you just didn’t know what to say…

If you responded to any of those with a “YES!”, we’ve got you.

We’ve been there.

After decades spent in youth ministry and Christian high school education, our directors realised something:

Christians can really suck at talking about sex!

Big Kids’ Table was born out of a desire to change this.

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Dr Janice Kreltszheim

General Practitioner

“I am so excited to endorse Big Kids’ Table in their endeavour to bring to the table the crucial topic of sexual and reproductive health, fully aware of our God who loves us and gives us purpose and identity.

There is much information (and mis-information) on the topics of sexual and reproductive health from secular sources, the internet, and in pornography. Georgia and Lauren provide a much needed alternative voice which is God centred, scientifically accurate, engaging and fun!”

This is a photo of Lars Vorlicek
Lars Vorlicek

Youth Pastor

“Working with BKT was simply awesome … It was biblical, thoughtful and engaging for our teenagers, and raised so many important aspects of the topics while incorporating so much of the current cultural dialogue. The best part was their program empowered our leadership team to facilitate discussions with our young people that continued after the sessions.

Having them in gave us the permission to approach big topics, and removed any fear or shame from the discussion. There were resources for parents, for leaders, and for the youth themselves.

Thanks BKT, can’t wait to work with you again!”

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Instagram Follower

“Now being in my first relationship, I’m unlearning a lot of the toxic ‘christenese’ dating culture. Which I am so thankful for BKT because it’s like having an older sister that gives you genuine and authentic information!!”

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