God is good!

Cosy blankets, coffee and bible

I realised this morning that I’m achieving my dreams. The ones that have circled my mind for years when I’m not thinking about anything in particular, the ones that felt so far away and unachievable to me as a teenager, the ones that have kept me up at night and the ones that pushed me into the terrifying unknown with nothing but the knowledge that I simply can’t stay where I am.

Currently, I’m achieving my wildest dreams and doing so with full confidence in the Lord’s goodness. Isn’t that simply amazing?

I can’t say I’ve ever really been here before, and as I’ve been reflecting with Jesus this morning, a lukewarm coffee in one hand and a puppy nestled into my right side, I’ve discovered His closeness and intentionality across my life.

All of it too.

Not just the good stuff. Of course He’s been there in the good stuff. But He’s been there in bad stuff as well. Actually, especially the bad stuff. The really bad stuff. The things few people know. The things that still thump in a dull ache and act as background noise. The kind of stuff only God can fix.

And yet, good grief, this morning I am so are of God’s faithfulness, kindness and commitment. I’m so aware of how much worse things could have been. I’m so aware of how each and every one of these experiences are being redeemed. Those dull aches are becoming wildfires within me. Under me. I’m charging forward into the unknown, not only expecting that God will

make my path straight, but knowing He will. He has too. He promised and has proven time and time again that when we say “yes” He does amazing things. Wildest dreams type things.

Two weeks ago I launched Big Kids’ Table with an amazing woman of God, Lauren Foster. God has called us together for a time such as this and we are both

passionately aligned in our purpose: Jesus wants to reclaim sex.

He wants to reclaim sexual desire. Reclaim the emptiness of abuse and instead, plant flowers of holiness, healing and satisfaction within the hearts of His next generation.

And that’s what Big Kids’ Table exists to do. Hold, heal, educate, welcome, redeem and liberate God’s people and their experience of sex, sexual desire and themselves.

Sex is good. So is God.

I simply cannot wait to see where BKT takes us.

This is a photo of Georgia Nicholas. She is a co-director of Big Kids' Table.

You can find out more about Georgia on our teams page.

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