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Why does my child need to learn about sex and pornography? Why would you tell them about something they don’t know anything about?

With the average age of viewing pornography at 8-10 years of age and it being more accessible than ever, we want to proactively educate young people about the nature and harm of pornography.(1) We want to begin this conversation early, and from a Christ-focused perspective, to ensure that they are equipped with the information they need to make positive choices about their internet use and relationships.

Porn is now a key sex educator Australian young people, yet it does not give a healthy view of sex or relationships. Regardless of whether a young person has viewed pornography or not, they will still be impacted by its societal and relational influence. We want to be proactive about our sex education and believe that this will work to create a healthy view of sex and relationships for young people.

Children will always be curious and BKT wants to provide a framework that meets them appropriately in their questioning so that there is no shame or secrecy involved. Furthermore, we work to focus on the ‘why’ rather than the ‘don’t’ and offer an objective, educated opinion too.

The Australian Government has a collection of research that is helpful: https://aifs.gov.au/publications/effects-pornography-children-and-young-peoplesnapshot

(1) https://aifs.gov.au/cfca/2016/05/04/children-and-young-peoples-exposure-pornography; https://www.aph.gov.au/DocumentStore.ashx?id=fe5e5f34-09fa-4e0a-b167-c2f073a6af72&subId=410867#:~:text=Pratt%20(2015)%20cites%20one%20study,ages%20of%2014%20and%2017’

What’s the urgency of them learning now? Are you introducing them to behaviours that they would not have without this? How does this protect my child?

Our increasingly sexualised culture is having a large impact on our young people. They are exposed to sexual advertising images in their local shopping centres, have pornography at their fingertips, and access to a vast array of media on their phones, e.g. Netflix and Reddit. Unfortunately, very few are given a framework in which to view this information through and instead, are left to figure it out on their own.

We believe that the best kind of education is a proactive education that aims to prevent and reduce the harm of such things. At BKT, we want our young people to have access to accurate, gospel-inspired information and a safe space to discuss this in. Our hope is that this will then give them the vocabulary and tools they need to protect themselves and those around them from unsafe situations and equip them to make informed choices for themselves.

We want to acknowledge that this is not a ‘now or never’ situation. Young people are already curious and experiencing change. It is better to be proactive and begin ongoing conversation and education, than wait for more obvious indicators. This not only gives them accurate information but also teaches them life skills for tricky conversations and decision making.

My child is still so young, how is this appropriate for them?

In addition to what is highlighted above, BKT offers scaffolded programs that are tailored to their audience. As a team, we have many years of experience in formal education and ministry, and can assure you that the content your child is exposed to will be age appropriate, child safe and created in conjunction with their current church or school leaders.

You can read up more on our child safety policies below.

Can we trust you and what you will present?

We are very aware of how sensitive the topics we discuss are and take great care to equip the church/organisation that we are working with to continue the conversations we start. We target our content at the age and stage of our audience and work closely with our clients to ensure that the content we present is in line with their vision and values.

Furthermore, Georgia has over a decade of experience in parachurch and parish-based youth ministry. Additionally, she is theologically trained with Ridley College Melbourne. Lauren is a registered teacher and Wellbeing Coordinator at a Christian school with a Bachelor of Teaching (Outreach and Community Education), a Diploma of Mental Health and a Diploma in Alcohol and Other Drugs.

In addition, everyone on team is a committed, active Christian and all follow our child safety compliance policies.

You can read up more on our child safety policies and our team below.

What is your position on sexual and gender diversity?

The topic of sexual and gender diversity has been one that has ripped through the Australian and Christian landscape in recent years. It is a topic that Christian young people want to be informed about and given a safe space to discuss. We want to raise a generation of Christians who step into big conversations with confidence in the Gospel.

To achieve this, we seek to facilitate and strengthen youth and young adults in their independent thinking and research of such topics. We provide a framework built around the heart of God, that aims to equip our audience instead of dictating a list of rights and wrongs.

We offer a safe environment in which there is permission to question and discuss. Additionally, we celebrate Christ-centred learning for life, which focuses on who a person is becoming.

In saying this, as an organisation we intentionally do not take a stance on the gender and sexual diversity issue. Our desire is for young people to wrestle with and explore big issues themselves, not to take on the beliefs of others. We believe a public, concrete stance on this at this stage in our organisation’s lifespan would be unhelpful, even damaging, to our mission and brand.

We will, however, facilitate spaces for young people to work through these topics together and will equip them with skills for having empathic and robust conversation. We aim to celebrate what unites us, not what divides us, so we do not take a hard-line position on this topic.

I’m struggling with my own stuff. Can you guys help with that?

Firstly, thank you for the courage in admitting this and for reaching out! You are so brave.

There are things we can do and things we cannot do in helping you work through your own stuff. We can give you resources and help connect you with people who can journey alongside you in this. We cannot, however, personally disciple you through your struggles. We all need people we can sit with in the mess and patiently and humbly journey with. This is not something we can successfully, and safely do online.

If you or a friend is struggling with their mental health, please do not hesitate in contacting your church pastor and/mentor, as well as family and friends. Additionally, you can contact any of the services below for further support.

Opening Hours

Criss Support, suicide prevention & mental health support services.

 24 hours/7 days

Kids HelpLine

Phone counselling service for people aged 5-25.

 24 hours/7 days


Young people aged 12-25.

1800 650 890


Phone: 10pm-1am

Online Counselling: 1pm-1am

OCD and Anxiety Helpline

Anxiety disorders and depression.

1300 269 438 or 9830 0533


10am-4pm weekdays

Suicide Call Back

24-hour crisis support and counselling.

 24 hours/7 days


Depression, anxiety and related disorders.

1300 22 4636


 24 hours/7 days

How much do you charge?

Our program fees vary depending on the project, however they remain lower than industry rates to ensure we are accessible to everyone. We need to cover basic operating costs, but we do not want price to be a barrier. If cost is at all an issue we would like to have a conversation with you first!

How far in advance can I book?

The best program has a holistic approach where all parties that are key in the discipleship of your community’s young people are equipped with the language and skills to continue the conversation that we start. We recommend booking a term in advance. However, we are flexible so you can book as far in advance as you like!

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