LGBTQIA+ Learning Circles

The topic of gender and sexual diversity is one that is on the tip of many tongues in the Australian church. It’s a conversation many are interested in but few feel equipped to have.

As an organisation, BKT wishes to resource today’s Christians in this space but first, we need to begin a conversation focused on how we can meet their needs.

Introducing: BKT LGBTQIA+ Learning Circles!

At BKT, we know what we don’t know. In other words, we acknowledge that in order to begin any conversation about LGBTQIA+ and God we need to hold space for the voice of others in various positions of influence in Christian society.

The BKT Learning Circles are a space for you to use your voice. We want to meet with you and work together as we brainstorm a collaborative way forward.


Until the next event!

We will be running four 60 minute virtual learning circles over the next school term with the aim of discussing what the Australian Church needs in this space.

Each session will be focused on discussing how we can equip people to be resilient disciples who can engage in robust and healthy conversations around gender and sexuality.

This is a photo of some of the BKT team members meeting over Zoom.

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#1: Ministry Leaders

18th October 2022


#2: Christian Educators

3rd November 2022


#3: Youth & Young Adults

15th November 2022


#4: Parents of Youth

8th December 2022


#5: LGBTQIA+ Individuals

13th December 2022


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