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Look, we get it. Sex is a hard, awkward, and tricky topic to navigate, especially with young people. That’s why we exist; to partner with you in this conversation and to take a stand for the Gospel truth.

Let’s be honest, young people love talking about sex, but they need safe, educated spaces to do this within that provide a faith framework and healthy personal challenge.

Online Community

Silence sucks and it often places people in a puddle of shame. When churches are silent on sex-related topics, teenagers and young adults are inadvertently discipled by the internet and culture around them.

Let’s face it, most social media screams cultural messages louder than a teenager at a One Direction concert!

Instead, we provide a Kingdom voice and space for open and powerfully honest conversation about sex and God.

“It’s Humans of New York meets Dolly Doctor’ – Lauren, Co-Director

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Instagram Follower

“Now being in my first relationship, I’m unlearning a lot of the toxic ‘christenese’ dating culture. Which I am so thankful for BKT because it’s like having an older sister that gives you genuine and authentic information!!”

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Instagram Follower

“Hey just wanted to say thank you for your content! It’s been really useful in reframing my understanding of sex, especially healthy sex, which is also then helpful in my allied healthcare course (when discussing sex with other people becomes relevant). It’s no longer an awkward or off-limits topic in my brain, and I think a large part of that is from your content de-stigmatising a lot of that! thank you 🧡”

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Instagram Follower

“Okay ladies, I love your work and vision. I wanted to share my story with you guys because I’m so grateful you’ve created a place where I feel safe sharing with you guys and I want to honour that. I so love and am inspired by your passion for Jesus!”

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Instagram Follower

“You guys need heaps more followers, such an amazing page and ministry. I’ve told a few people about it. Has been really impactful for me!”

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Instagram Follower

“I just wanted to say a massive thank you for all the work you guys are doing. Keep it up!!! I really appreciated what you cover and how comfortable I feel asking all sorts of questions. Thank you BKT team.”


Tailored Workshops

& Consultation

At BKT, we LOVE partnering with churches and organisations as we collaborate to engage with the needs of their unique community!

Our approach looks at the whole picture and seeks to empower your leaders, parents/care-givers and community to journey with your young people in this space (the good stuff).

BKT running a workshop on dating and the bible in a local church.

If you…

🔸 Have ever felt out of touch with what your young people are exposed to and discussing right now….

🔸 Have noticed that your community has remained quiet on the big topics of sex and sexuality for too long…

🔸 Have noticed unhealthy sexual patterns and/or culture surfacing in your community but have no clue where to start…

🔸 Simply want to begin the conversation about sex and the Kingdom of God but need some help doing so…

Our tailored workshops and/or consultation is just what you need!

This is a photo of Amy Brown. She has written a testimonial endorsing BKT.

St Jude’s Youth,

St Jude’s Anglican

“It’s been great to work with the team at BKT and help our parents talk about this with each other and their young people! BKT helps give us (parents and leaders) a common language and framework to share God’s grace and work through big questions around sexuality with our young people.

I look forward to the way God will use this night as a springboard to helping our young people navigate living for Jesus in a complex world. Can’t wait to have them back!”

This is a photo of Janice Smith
Dr Janice Kreltszheim

General Practitioner

“I am so excited to endorse The Big Kids’ Table in their endeavour to bring to the table the crucial topic of sexual and reproductive health, fully aware of our God who loves us and gives us purpose and identity.

There is much information (and mis-information) on the topics of sexual and reproductive health from secular sources, the internet, and in pornography. Georgia and Lauren provide a much needed alternative voice which is God centred, scientifically accurate, engaging and fun!”

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Male Student

BKT Workshop Participant

“this is better sex-ed than school!”

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St Hilary’s Anglican

“Working with BKT was simply awesome … It was biblical, thoughtful and engaging for our teenagers, and raised so many important aspects of the topics while incorporating so much of the current cultural dialogue. The best part was their program empowered our leadership team to facilitate discussions with our young people that continued after the sessions.

Having them in gave us the permission to approach big topics, and removed any fear or shame from the discussion. There were resources for parents, for leaders, and for the youth themselves.

Thanks BKT, can’t wait to work with you again!”

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Youth Leader

Ignite Youth,


“I found the discussion and sharing throughout the session to be quite engaging and stimulating & I definitely got a lot out of it.

I am very much looking forward to when we host the Youth Workshop and how they respond to this different perspective on sex culture and putting it into a comparative context from a Christian point of view!”

This is a photo of Peyton Donnelly. She is a youth pastor client and team member at Big Kids' Table.

Emerge Youth,

One Hope Community Church

“One of the leaders just told me that’s the best thing he has ever done on this topic – out of all the talks at school and youth and stuff like that – by far the best one!

Thanks again – such good nights and everything I was hoping they would be and more”

This is a photo of Hannah Fitzgerald. She has written a testimonial endorsing BKT.

Youth Leader

“It was so amazing having an organisation so excited about Jesus come and share with our young people all about how to steward their sexuality!

Their biblical and gospel focused teaching paired so beautifully with a clear heart to see young people liberated from shame and condemnation, which gave such honour and dignity to each of our youth.

It was such a valuable and interactive night, and I highly recommend all youth groups get on board with BKT!”

Thi is the logo for Glen Waverley Anglican Church (GWAC) in Victoria, Australia

Ignite Youth,


“Thanks for your work last week to create an engaging, biblical, informative and positive view of sex. I’m sure it will help our youth to develop a healthy view of God and sex. We will be happy to recommend BKT to other groups. Your work in this area is greatly appreciated. God has raised you up for this time and we pray you will have a tremendous impact on youth not just in Melbourne but across Australia.”

This is a photo of Jonno Tennent. He is a GP and has written a testimonial endorsing BKT.

Youth Leader

“Massive props to the Big Kids’ Table for seeing the need to talk about what healthy relationships are. It’s so easy to ignore the issues of sexualisation and pornography’s impact on relationships, but BKT has recognised a need to start the discussion.

At our youth group, it was clear that BKT really made an impact, I could see many of our youth being challenged and also encouraged to talk about the ‘taboo’ subject of sex. I loved the vibe BKT brought, they gave us a judgement-free, guilt-free space to talk about these issues in a real way.

I would definitely want BKT to come back! Strongly recommend!”


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