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So here’s the thing…

No faith-filled leader in history has ever intended to miss-handle a sensitive topic. Like, ever.

But for too long, the modern church in Australia has missed the opportunity to effectively and consistently speak into the lives of their young people regarding sex and sexual experience. Good intentions aside, whether it be miss(or no)-education or a culture that doesn’t foster safe exploration, young people are being left to answer big questions outside of Christian community.

As a result we are seeing a generation that thinks God put sex in marriage, but doesn’t understand why. They are left with rules to follow, instead of a pathway to the heart of God.

“But BKT”, we hear you say, “There has to be a way!”

…and there is.

Let us not forget that when Jesus met the women by the well, He did not reprimand her way of life, but instead offered Her access to the living God. Her behaviour transformed after this encounter (John 4:1-26).

At BKT, we believe that all people are worthy of acceptance and education regardless of their experiences and opinions. We acknowledge that all people’s stories and questions are valuable and deserve a space to be explored.

We like to suggest that ‘curiosity didn’t kill the cat, curiosity empowered it!’

BKT running a group game as a workshop on dating and the bible in a local church.

BKT is in their element when unpacking a biblical understanding of sex, sexual health and sexual expression within the Kingdom of God.

We love big questions and specialise in taking a deep dive into the following:

🍆 What is sex?

🙌🏼 What does God have to say about it?

💓 And, what do we do with all of these ‘big feelings’?

We use personal narrative, informed teaching and action-reflection activities as we facilitate a space to wrestle, carry doubt and ask BIG questions.

All of our workshops are tailored to fit the needs of your community, and we can cover any of the following topics (and more!)

Sexual Expression

How this looks in singleness, dating and marriage, as influenced by culture and the church.

Sexual Formation

Exploring the secular and Christian narratives, influences and challenges that we use interpret love, sex and relationships.


Navigating an overly sexualised, pornified world as a person of faith.

Sexual & Reproductive Health

Yup, Christian sex-ed. How it all works and why it was designed that way. The science behind sex.

Realities of Sex

What if sex isn’t as good as you thought it would be?

Female/Male Sexual Expression

Embracing your God-given strength and becoming a person of honour.

Pleasure & Desire

Unpacking the beauty and holiness in desire and pleasure. They should be celebrated, yet controlled.

Shame Resilience

The power in embracing your Christ-like identity. Challenging societies narratives.

Purity Culture

The true biblical meaning of purity. Unpacking harmful purity culture that can develop in churches.

Healthy Relationships

A focus on consent, communication, respect, singleness. Healthy vs unhealthy relationships.

…plus any topic that you can think of related to sex, sexual expression, relationships and God that is relevant to your crew.

We can work with young people, adults, parents, leaderships teams and more!

Check out our Primary & secondary scope & sequence below!

We believe in a holistic, scaffolded approach to healthy relationship and sex education. This is why we have created this model to help you do just that!


What ministries are saying…

This is a photo of Amy Brown. She has written a testimonial endorsing BKT.

St Jude’s Youth,

St Jude’s Anglican

“It’s been great to work with the team at BKT and help our parents talk about this with each other and their young people! BKT helps give us (parents and leaders) a common language and framework to share God’s grace and work through big questions around sexuality with our young people.

I look forward to the way God will use this night as a springboard to helping our young people navigate living for Jesus in a complex world. Can’t wait to have them back!”

Anonymous Male Profile Vector. Grey and white.
Male Youth

Youth Workshop Participant

“this is better sex-ed than school!”

This is the logo for Revive Youth at St Hilary's Church in Victoria, Australia


St Hilary’s Anglican

“Working with BKT was simply awesome … It was biblical, thoughtful and engaging for our teenagers, and raised so many important aspects of the topics while incorporating so much of the current cultural dialogue. The best part was their program empowered our leadership team to facilitate discussions with our young people that continued after the sessions.

Having them in gave us the permission to approach big topics, and removed any fear or shame from the discussion. There were resources for parents, for leaders, and for the youth themselves.

Thanks BKT, can’t wait to work with you again!”

This is the logo for St John's Church in Victoria, Australia

St John’s Youth,

St John’s Anglican,


“A key takeaway for me is that parents were searching for this conversation and that creating the space for them to listen, engage and reflect was priceless. It was a big step particularly for our subcontinental families … but the openness in which they engaged was a big plus.

I’m so thrilled that we were finally able to bring Big Kids Table out and had rave reviews from our young people and families. You’re the best, BKT!”

Thi is the logo for Glen Waverley Anglican Church (GWAC) in Victoria, Australia
Youth Leader

Ignite Youth,


“I found the discussion and sharing throughout the session to be quite engaging and stimulating & I definitely got a lot out of it.

I am very much looking forward to when we host the Youth Workshop and how they respond to this different perspective on sex culture and putting it into a comparative context from a Christian point of view!”

This is the logo for One Hope Community Church Church in Victoria, Australia

Emerge Youth,

One Hope Community Church

“One of the leaders just told me that’s the best thing he has ever done on this topic – out of all the talks at school and youth and stuff like that – by far the best one!

Thanks again – such good nights and everything I was hoping they would be and more”

This is a photo of Hannah Fitzgerald. She has written a testimonial endorsing BKT.

Youth Leader

“It was so amazing having an organisation so excited about Jesus come and share with our young people all about how to steward their sexuality! Their biblical and gospel focused teaching paired so beautifully with a clear heart to see young people liberated from shame and condemnation, which gave such honour and dignity to each of our youth.

It was such a valuable and interactive night, and I highly recommend all youth groups get on board with BKT!”

Thi is the logo for Glen Waverley Anglican Church (GWAC) in Victoria, Australia

Ignite Youth,


“Thanks for your work last week to create an engaging, biblical, informative and positive view of sex. I’m sure it will help our youth to develop a healthy view of God and sex. We will be happy to recommend BKT to other groups. Your work in this area is greatly appreciated. God has raised you up for this time and we pray you will have a tremendous impact on youth not just in Melbourne but across Australia.”

This is the logo for Syndal Baptist Church in Victoria, Australia

Fuel Youth Parent,

Syndal Baptist

“Big Kid’s Table were great. It gave a Christian framework for talking to your kids about sex. It helped us be aware of the cultural messages your kids are getting and about sex and also seeing sex from a Godly perspective.

Highly recommended.”

This is a photo of Jonno Tennent. He is a GP and has written a testimonial endorsing BKT.

Youth Leader

“At our youth group, it was clear that BKT really made an impact, I could see many of our youth being challenged and also encouraged to talk about the ‘taboo’ subject of sex. I loved the vibe BKT brought, they gave us a judgement-free, guilt-free space to talk about these issues in a real way.

I would definitely want BKT to come back! Strongly recommend!”

This is the logo for Syndal Baptist Church in Victoria, Australia

Youth Leader

“When I attended the BKT event, I didn’t know what to expect, except I was hopeful that the evening might help me see contemporary sexual pressures and perspectives through the eyes of my teens. These guys did not disappoint. The evening was so insightful – there were no rules or ‘rights and wrongs’ – a clear and relevant discussion about the challenges our children face and how we can navigate as parents. The presenters were personable, engaging, relaxed and highly knowledgeable in their subject matter. I warmly recommend Big Kids Table to any church or secular group wanting a clear path for how to frame difficult conversations.”


What Schools are saying…

Yr Level Coordinator

Hillcrest Christian College

“[The best moment in the workshop was] the pin-drop silence in the room when pornography was being discussed by the BKT Team. As teachers, when this phenomenon happens, we know it’s because it’s something that students can relate to, which indicates that this is a topic that is very relevant and widespread.

Many students said that the shared testimony of the BKT member struck a chord with them and hearing someone else’s story opened their eyes to either something similar that they had experienced or something for them to be very mindful of when they entered into a relationship with someone.”

This is the logo for Donvale Christian College in Victoria, Australia
Yr Level Coordinator

Donvale Christian College

“The workshop was terrific and the presenters were very relatable. Information was important and helpful. Topic is challenging for many [students] but does not mean they should not hear about it. Thank you BKT.”


St Andrews

Christian College

“It felt like a safe environment to talk and ask questions and all the members of BKT were very welcoming.”

“I felt the session was helpful, balanced and engaging.”

“I think the school should run the session again because it sets St Andrews students apart and gives them more insight/wisdom.”

“Everything was perfect, nothing could be done better.”


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Working together is a dream come true for us, and we recommend it looks a little something like this:

Just imagine…

Being confident and equipped to talk about God and sex, with anyone.

Seeing your community thrive in their Christ-like identity and sexuality.

Seeing Jesus glorified in the relationships (romantic and other) you’re surrounded by.

Seeing your young people actively challenging culture and representing Christ in all they do.

If this made your heart sing, let’s chat now! We would love to make this your reality.

We work with ministries and education providers!

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We’d love to touch base and find out more about you and your community.

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